3 Basic Ergonomic Desk Tools You Can Use To Work From Anywhere

These ergonomic desk tools not only come with a student discount, but can be used to work from anywhere. I take these with me with I travel to work more efficiently. This is a short list, but I truly love the products below.

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best ergonomic desk tools

Computer Stand

I’ve been using this computer stand for a couple of years and I’ve traveled with it a few times. It’s great to have when you don’t know what your workspace will look like. It’s adjustable so if you’re on a trip or staying with friends you can easily work at different tables or desks. You can also adjust it for the right zoom height which makes it great for long project calls.

Logitech Keyboard

Logitech offers a student discount which is perfect if you’re studying in addition to working online. It’s so easy to type on this, keyboard and the bluetooth option is perfect because you don’t have to deal with cords.

Logitech Mouse

I love the mouse from Logitech because it doesn’t hurt my hand at all. It fits in my suitcase easily and I don’t have any issues with the rollerball falling out or getting lost when I travel. It’s also super easy to clean.

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