How to Rock Makeup Organization: What You Need To Know

Learn how to declutter your makeup drawer with a few time-saving techniques and discover different products you can try to stay organized. Take makeup organization to a new level with a few simple steps.

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Makeup Organization

If your makeup drawer feels unmanageable, that’s okay because you’ll have it straightened out in no time. Decluttering your drawers, finding the products you need, and traveling safely with cosmetics is easy with the right tools.

You get to design your makeup space, just like you would design any other area of your home. Getting ready in the morning can be something you look forward to if you have a beautiful and peaceful space to wake up to. Whether you’re switching to clean beauty, or just need a new method to stay organized, follow the steps below to discover how.

Before we get into organization hacks, let’s explore some ideas for strategically designing your makeup space. These can work on your bathroom too.

Compartmentalize & Designate Space

If you’re looking for makeup organization ideas, the best place to start is by looking at how you store your products.

Organize your Drawers

Organizing your drawers is easy with an expandable makeup storage drawer that adjusts for your needs. If you find you need to buy products ahead of time, then you can store as much as you’d like.

Designate a Space for Loose Items

If you love to leave a few products out because you use them so often, try investing in a mirror try or a marble tray to reign in some of those stray items.

Transparent Storage

Storing everything where you can see it is perfect if you take a minimal approach to beauty. Having a simple, organized space is a powerful tool.

Group Your Products together

If you have a lot of one type of product, you can buy an organizer for that type of product to reduce clutter.

other Product-Specific Organizers

There are many different product-specific organizers. For smaller items like lipstick, putting all of your shades together is ideal to prevent losing items.

Save Space with Vertical Storage

If you’re trying to save space, vertical storage is the best way to reduce clutter. You can choose a neutral tone like the one from mDesign to make sure your storage item goes with everything else in your space.

try Rotating Storage

If you want to maximize your vertical storage, a rotating makeup organizer will provide more room for your products.

Multi-Level Organizer

You can also try a storage system with multiple layers to make it easier to store items you don’t use everyday out of view.

Adjustable Storage

Organizers with moveable parts will help you adjust your products so what you need is always within reach.

make the most of of your space

If you’re looking to add a mirror above a small space, you can use a multitasking organizer to maximize storage.

lights, makeup, action

You can store your products out of sight with a box like the one here that has everything you need to apply your makeup from anywhere you are.

travel safely

Traveling with makeup (safely) is best with you have a bag with multiple compartments. These can be stored away at home when you’re at home to hold other items.

Makeup Storage Hacks

No matter what tools you use, there are a few things to keep in mind to stay organized.

makeup organization tips

How to Store Makeup in the Bathroom

Storing makeup in the bathroom is convenient if you have the space, but there are issues to consider when storing dry products in damp environments. Remember to close containers tightly and to air out the bathroom completely to prevent humid air from spoiling your products.

If you’re organizing makeup in a small space, opt for vertical storage. If you’re storing makeup in your bathroom, air out the bathroom regularly to prevent condensation from affecting your products.

Recap: Makeup Organization Tips

Makeup organization is so much easier with the right tools and hacks for keeping products accessible. If you prefer storing your products out of sight, there are plenty of options above.

Feel free to reach out to me at if you have any questions or need suggestions for designing your makeup space.

You can also sign up for the beauty label code cracker if you’re reorganizing your space with new, safer products. You’ll find the perfect products to fill your drawers in no time. Save to Pinterest for later!

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