Creative Onboarding Brand Poem for Senversa

environmental health


As skies darken in communities nearby
From fumes.
Released from plants
We know we can change the sky
We know our dreams are not too high

To reach

Across the Earth we’ve seen a call
From Greta and her march for all
To change the way we treat our earth

To reverse.

The damage we’ve seen to skies and trees
To answer the people on their knees
Asking to preserve ancestors’ teaching
Of ancient ways of coinciding

With Earth

By respecting the Earth: our home
We’ll see a revival of life
Well known
To those who knew the days before
Drilling was an act of war

It takes a whole community.
Of scientists who respect peoples’ needs
To standardize sustainability.

Let’s give the people what they need.
We are a team designed to succeed.

We seek to provide
A plastic-less tide
Air untouched by fumes
Land unstuffed with plumes
Of waste.

We take on projects that affect the land
Land from which our inspiration comes
To design projects that suit the Earth

We will push for change

We want equal opportunity

A network of hope
For activities
That will finally bring
The change we believe we need
As a B corp company

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