One Simple Project Management Tip to Save Time

Learn how to save hours of work and keep everyone on your team up to date easily. If you’re not working on a team, do this for yourself so you don’t have to spend time catching others up to speed when the time comes to expand your business.

project management tips

This task is so simple, but it is less common than you might think.

Project Resource Documents

Creating a project resources document with links to all of your recorded meetings, notes, updates, and important documents will save you a lot of time and allow your team to work more efficiently.

You can include the link to the project resources doc at the end of memos, emails, and notes. Instead of sending multiple resources to different team members, you can let your team know that you updated the resource document with the latest meeting recording, webinar, or document.

Try using headings to break up the document so different team members can access what they need quickly and easily.

Although adding everyone to a shared folder is an effective way to keep track of your documents, keeping a link to everything in that shared folder in an organized document will save a lot of time.

Even if you use Trello, you can create a master Trello card or folder for easy reference.

If a team is spending time trying to find documents, this time can add up quickly and a project resources doc is a surprisingly easy way to stay organized and save time.

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