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I’ve created this website to help you succeed in navigating clean beauty, an unregulated industry. JCS is also a place for writers in need of elevating their tone, voice, and developing their brand.


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If you’re a completely new blogger navigating website creation on WordPress, finding affiliates, choosing a theme and finding a hosting service, I’d love to help. This includes services for absolute beginners who don’t know where to start.

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Although I’ll never review a product I haven’t tried, I truly believe in spreading the word about amazing products. Are you a brand or beauty blogger looking to collaborate? I’d like to hear more about your project.

About Gabriella…

Gabriella is a business owner and writer who is passionate about health and social justice. She began her undergraduate career as a music major and violinist before realizing her passion for writing.

She is currently a Master’s in Professional Writing student at NYU, and her web development projects have been featured by NYU CAL. Before starting her graduate program, she was a news anchor for NAZ Today, Arizona’s only television news station, and an intern for NAU TV. She has written for Study Breaks Magazine, The Lumberjack, and The Borgen Project.

Gabriella currently lives in California where she loves to spend time at the beach, drink coffee, and go to barre classes. Read more…

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