The licensing guide on JCS is a resource for JCS design assets.

Licensing Guide

The personal license is designed for one individual project that are not for commercial purposes. The assets may not be resold, licensed, or claimed as your own work. 

Personal License

The desktop license is designed for one individual project. The license allows the use of the font on a computer or to customize files for personal projects. 

Desktop License

The sever license is designed for commercial use on a server which others are allowed to view content. This license does not accomodate file distribution.

Server License

The app license is designed for using the font within one application in which others are allowed to access/customize content within the app. This license does not allow for file distribution.

App License

The e-pub license allows you to use the font in one published project. This includes downloadable files. Each title requires a new license.

E-Pub License

The web license grants permission to use the font on a website up to the number of page views specified by the license. If your page views increase, you can upgrade.

Web License