100% Pure Vitamin C Serum Review

100% Pure Vitamin C Serum will likely become your new favorite skin care staple. 100% Pure was the first brand to create a long-lasting vitamin c serum to nourish your skin. Vitamin C has so many benefits and truly deserves a spot in your beauty cabinet.

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100% pure vitamin c serum review

About 100% Pure

100% Pure was founded by Susie Wang when she purchased a bottle of vitamin c that oxidized faster than she was able to use it. After trying many vitamin c serums, Wang realized a common issue: all of the formulas oxidized quickly. Oxidized vitamin c has a negative effect on skin.

“During oxidation, the potency of the vitamin is diminished, converting to skin damaging free radicals – the complete opposite of what one would expect from their skincare.”

100 % Pure

What Makes This Serum Unique?

I was interested in purchasing this product because the founder has an extensive knowledge of skin care ingredients, and this serum is a pioneer in the clean beauty world. Wang’s unique skillset allowed her to make a long-lasting formula.

I also love the commitment to natural ingredients and healthy ingredients that this brand has demonstrated consistently with the products available.

This product is perfect for you if you’re looking to gain a brighter complexion with an overnight treatment.

Although the serum does take a few applications to work, it is designed to brighten the skin overtime. I find it’s a really refreshing and moisturizing serum. As I’ve been on my skin care journey (healing my maskne and professional spa appointments), I’ve really appreciated having this product in my cabinet as well.

Who is this product for?

This product is for anyone interested in a natural serum that is brightening and moisturizing and long-lasting. It will benefit you in multiple ways because vitamin c is a critical element for healthy skin.

How to Use Vitamin C For Skin

It’s best to apply vitamin c at night before applying a moisturizer.

Vitamin c can increase sun sensitivity so it’s best to use it at night. However if combined with sunscreen during the day it can have extra benefits according to a recent study.

I usually apply this product at night and top it off with a moisturizer. You can do the same.

Combinations to Avoid With Vitamin C

Sodium benzoate is an ingredient usually avoided with vitamin c if you’re using a product that isn’t considered a rinse-off product (meaning it stays on the skin).

In addition, you’ll want to be careful using vitamin c with any retinoids or harsh exfoliants because this can cause irritation. It’s best to consult a professional to establish the best skin care routine order for you.

That being said, some people are able to use vitamin c and retinoids together, but consulting a specialist ensures you’re not doing any damage to your skin. Even if your skin looks healthy or clear, there could be skin damage present depending on the products you’re using. The type of products you use and the order in which they’re applied can make or break your skin care routine.

Overall Thoughts: 100% Pure Vitamin C Serum Review

I really like this product as a moisturizer and skin brightener, however, if you’re looking to remove deeper scarring or hyperpigmentation, it’s going to take some time and you’ll likely need to seek professional care if you have deep scars of other skin concerns.

I do think the product is well worth the price. It’s recommended that you replace your vitamin c every six months.

You don’t need to buy other items for this product to work effectively. However, you will need a moisturizer and an SPF product for the overall health of your skin (these are probably products you already have).

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100 Pure Vitamin C Serum
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