The Inversion Method For Curly Hair

Discover the pros and cons of the inversion method for curly hair. The inversion method is well known for stimulating hair growth and maintaining moisturized curls. See what the experts have to say and use the tips below to determine if this hair care method is right for you.

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the inversion method for curly hair

The Inversion Method For Curly Hair

The inversion method is a hair care strategy that involves flipping the head upside down and distributing natural oils from the scalp throughout the hair. The method is designed to use the oil from the scalp to nourish the hair follicles naturally.

Although this method may seem like a great way to save on conditioner, this method isn’t for everyone. The benefits of shampoo or another cleansing agent for the scalp are well documented. Distributing sebum throughout your hair may cause issues for your skin as well as your product absorption because the oil is so thick.

Sebum is a heavier oil, and although that may sound like it is moisturizing, this could cause problems when you go to apply your products. You don’t want your hair products to sit on top of a layer of oil.

Based on recommendations from skin care specialists about the importance of cleansing your scalp to promote healthy skin, using a cleansing agent for the scalp is very beneficial. The no poo method, a shampoo-free hair care routine by Lorraine Massey, also involves a scalp cleanser or scrub to promote scalp health.

There are products designed to moisturize the hair strands effectively that will not weigh down the hair follicle.

Oil For Hair

You may benefit more from buying a brand-issued blend of oils for multiple benefits than allowing your hair to soak up the oil from your scalp.

There are also other concerns such as odor, and the dirt that is attracted to oil.

There are different types of oil for hair, and some oils are commonly known as sealants. Sealants are heavy oil such as coconut oil that take more time for the hair to absorb. Although they’re great for locking in moisture, it’s more difficult for lighter products applied on top of the oil to moisturize the hair.

The type of oil you choose will depend on your hair porosity, your protein moisture balance, and the climate you live in.

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When I lived in a snowy climate, I loved coconut oil for my hair because I have high porosity hair that is easily dried out. I could add some coconut oil at the end of my routine, and my hair had no issues absorbing it. It also protected my strands.

Curly Hair Checklist

If you feel like you’ve tried a million products and nothing is working, this checklist will help you build a routine that actually works for you.

Recap: The Inversion Method

Although some people swear by the inversion method, I personally think there are other ways of moisturizing your curls that are more effective. I have tried the inversion method, and it didn’t work as well for me as I would have liked. I felt like I had a lot of product buildup. However, everyone has a different method that works for them.

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