Beauty By Earth Makeup Remover Review: How To Erase Your Face

Beauty by Earth Makeup Remover is a natural, vegan, cruelty-free formula that can tackle even the fiercest mascaras and smokey eye looks. The soothing formula is infused with sweet orange oil and smells just like a burst of fresh oranges. This post will teach you everything you need to know about BBE’s makeup remover.

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beauty by earth makeup remover review
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Although I use this product as part of my daily routine and I truly love it, everyone has different skin care goals. Find out below whether or not this will work for you.

Beauty By Earth Makeup Remover

Beauty By Earth’s Makeup Remover is the perfect product to add to your nightly skin care routine if you’re looking for a vegan, natural, and cruelty-free product.

I found out about this product on the EWG database when I studying the ingredients in popular formulas and looking for common trends in EWG certifications.

The brand has been featured in several publications including the Los Angeles Tribune, InStyle, Elle, The New York Times, and Refinery 29. The products seemed like a worthwhile (and affordable) investment. I can happily say I don’t have any regrets about the products I purchased. I also tried BBE’s eye cream and I’m so glad I learned about the brand during my search.

If you’re not familiar with Beauty By Earth (BBE), the brand is dedicated to safer, cleaner skin care formulas. The brand’s founder, Prudence Millsap, was inspired to start a business after a decline in her son’s health lead her to seek healthier options. She couldn’t find what she was looking for, so she started her own family-friendly company.

How to Use Beauty By Earth Makeup Remover

how to use beauty be earth makeup remover
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If you wear makeup everyday, the product is perfect for removing eye makeup and foundation easily. You’ll need to completely soak a cotton swab and apply the formula to the skin. The product will remove your makeup without leaving a sticky residue like many popular products. The product will break down the makeup and it will come apart in clumps instead of smearing across your skin and clogging your pores.

I personally love this and I have extremely sensitive skin. The makeup remover has never made me break out or caused any irritation.

Beauty by Earth - Shop by Skincare Needs

The product stays fresh for 12 months, but if you use it every day you’ll need to purchase it more frequently. You can sign up for a product subscription to save money if you decide to incorporate this into your regimen.

Using a natural product designed for sensitive skin is perfect because you won’t need more products to solve problems caused by chemicals or fragrances in common makeup removers.

You can also try reusable bamboo makeup remover pads for a sustainable beauty routine. These come in a pack of 14 and are extremely well priced, especially when you consider how many uses you can get out of them.

Reusable Bamboo Makeup Remover Pads

Reusable Bamboo Makeup Remover Pads (14-Pack)

Reusable Bamboo Makeup Remover Pads (14-Pack) – $13.99
from: Beauty by Earth

Receive 15% off all BBE Products with the code cleanstyle15 at checkout.

Makeup Remover – $17.99

from: Beauty by Earth

Receive 15% off all BBE Products with the code cleanstyle15 at checkout.

Beauty By Earth Makeup Remover Ingredients

beauty by earth makeup remover complete review
©Beauty By Earth

Beauty By Earth’s makeup remover is a Leaping Bunny certified (cruelty-free) formula. The product contains the following ingredients (organic ingredients are marked with an asterisk):

The product does not contain any of the following:

  • Mineral Oil
  • Petroleum Derivatives
  • Parabens
  • Animal products
  • Animal-derived products

Citrus Oil For Skin

According to 100% Pure, a natural skin care brand dedicated to raw ingredients, diluted citrus oil has several benefits: collagen production, anti-bacterial properties, inflammation reduction, and sun damage prevention. Although it’s not recommended to use pure citrus oil on the skin, the diluted ingredient is perfect. Citrus oil is well-known for the following benefits:

Citrus Oil For Skin

Orange oil is an especially well known antioxidant for cancer-preventing properties. According to See Tree Cosmetics, a natural skin care company that specializes in severely dry skin, orange oil is also used to sooth irritation, promote sleep, and reduce the risk of fungal infections.

“All citrus essential oils, including lemon and grapefruit, make the skin more sensitive to sunlight. It is essential to avoid sun exposure for several hours after using citrus essential oils, so it is wise to apply them before bed.”

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What to Consider Before Buying

You’ll want to consider your skin type before purchasing a product that contains essential oils. Although I have really sensitive skin and I haven’t had any issues with this product, everyone is different.

beauty by earth makeup remover
©Beauty By Earth

Many health-conscious brands incorporate diluted essential oils for the benefits they provide. As with bath salts, essential oils can provide nourishing and clarifying benefits.

“There is no one-size-fits-all approach to essential oils, and blacklisting them from your routine doesn’t have to be the answer. Most of what we use in the beauty industry is really in that gray zone, where some people can use it without a problem and other people can’t,” Dr. Gonzalez said. “I always tell patients that it really depends on the dosage, the concentration and the source.”

NYT Interview with Annie Gonzalez – reporter JESSICA SHIFFER

Makeup Remover Benefits

beauty by earth makeup remover

The benefits of removing your makeup before you go to sleep are well documented. From preventing acne and bacteria to preventing dryness there are many reasons to use a makeup remover.

Beauty By Earth is transparent about ingredients, and the formula is designed to be natural and beneficial for the skin.

However, some makeup removers contain fragrances. Unless a fragrance is certified, it is very difficult to determine a brand’s fragrance standards. Even then, you likely won’t be able to access the full ingredient list for the fragrance formula.

BBE Discounts & Rewards

beauty by earth makeup remover

You can use the code cleanstyle15 at checkout for 15% off your entire order. Beauty By Earth also credits your account with Beauty Bucks every time you order.

Makeup Remover – $17.99

from: Beauty by Earth

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