16 Best Skin Care Gifts

best skin care gifts

This post is all about the best skin care gifts. Finding the perfect gift is the best feeling, and sometimes a weight lifted when the pressure is on to find that perfect gift last minute. Below are some incredible gift ideas for that person in your life who truly loves skin care.

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Body Scrub

Vanilla Coconut Body Scrub – $29.99

from: Beauty by Earth

A body scrub is the perfect way to make your shower more luxurious. Beauty By Earth offers a natural vanilla coconut body scrub the perfect gift for skin care lovers.

Spa Headband

A spa headband is the perfect gift for anyone in your life who loves skin care, and will quickly become a staple in anyone’s skin care regimen. Spa headbands come in all patterns and sizes. Your SO or BFF can do all the face masks in the world without getting any product in their hair. Common materials for spa headbands include silk, microfiber and eco-friendly materials. Popular brands include Kitsch, Honest, Glossier, Sand and Sky, Urban Outfitters and Madwell.

2-in-1 Products

2-in-1 products are great for skin care lovers. Eminence Stone Crop Cleansing Oil is a popular moisturizing and cleaning oil that the skin care enthusiast in your life is sure to love. It moisturizes the skin without leaving it oily. Other 2-in-1 products like moisturizing lip scrubs or primer with SPF are also great options.

Cleansing Brush

A facial cleansing brush does the work for you. If you had a long night and aren’t ready to use that heavy cleansing scrub, sometimes a light cleaner with a face brush can be just as effective.

Face Wand

Using cool and hot elements in your skin care routine can improve the performance of your skin care products. I regularly use this wand from Vanity Planet. It was so worth the splurge. It replaces hot towels and ice packs, making it so convenient to add an extra touch to your skin care routine without missing a beat when traveling.

Body Oil

The Stone Crop Body Oil from Eminence smells amazing and absorbs quickly. Sometimes it’s best to stick to the basics. Staple products like body oils, lotions, and scrubs make great gifts. The body oils from Eminence are a great clean beauty alternative to popular moisturizers. You can add a few drops to your everyday lotion or apply the lotion directly for glowing skin.

Face Masks

Hydrating Face Mask – $28.99

from: Beauty by Earth

Jade Roller

Jade Roller – $24.99

from: Beauty by Earth

If you aren’t ready for a facial want, a jade roller makes a great gift. You can refrigerate it and use it in the morning to reduce puffiness. There are many different colors of jade rollers out there.


Exfoliating Loofah – $11.99

from: Beauty by Earth

Loofas are lifesavers when it comes to exfoliating and they make great gifts because there are so many colors and sizes.

Bath Salts


Bath salts are great for the skin care enthusiast in your life. Anyone who exercises frequently can take care of their skin and add a step to their skin care routine. Its a win-win.

Face Steamer


Face steamers help your skin absorb products by opening up the pores. This is why professionals use steamers and heated towels. Your SO or BFF can have a spa-quality treatment at home with a face steamer.

Lip Scrub

Organic Vanilla Lip Scrub – $14.99

from: Beauty by Earth

Lip scrubs are great for cold weather. If you know someone who is struggling with dry lips, a moisturizing lip scrub is a nice addition to a skin care routine.


Organic Honey Vanilla Bean Lip Balm – $12.99

from: Beauty by Earth

Balms are another staple that make great gifts. You can find plenty of clean beauty options and vegan alternatives to popular options.

Skin Care Fridge

A skin care fridge is an investment for that person in your life who is deeply devoted to taking care of their skin. If this sounds right, you may want to invest in a skin care fridge. It’s convenient because it saves trips to the kitchen if you have a lot of products you need to refrigerate.

This is the perfect gift if your friend has a roommate who uses cosmetics that don’t belong to them. You can keep your cosmetics in your room away from prying eyes with a skin care fridge.

Gift Basket

Skin Care Gift Baskets

If you want to go all out, a gift basket is a perfect way to bundle several products together. You can add 2-in-1 skin care and makeup products if you choose. These are perfect because they can be gifted on any occasion.

How to Have the Perfect a Spa Day at Home

Spa Day

natural skin care gift sets spa

Giving someone a whole spa day can be a great gift. A massage is also a perfect gift for those with busy lifestyles.

Recap: Best Skin Care Gifts

  1. Spa Headband
  2. 2-in-1 products
  3. Face Masks
  4. Face Wand
  5. Jade Roller
  6. Loofa
  7. Bath Salts
  8. Face Steamer
  9. Skin Care Fridge
  10. Cleansing Brush
  11. Lip Scrub
  12. Face Cups
  13. Body Oil
  14. Balms
  15. Gift Basket
  16. Spa Day

I hope you enjoyed the skin care products that make the best gifts. Feel free to save to Pinterest for later!

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