The Best Blue Beauty Products: Complete Guide

Blue beauty products are created to reduce waste in ocean habitats. The blue beauty movement is an effort to create products that don’t harm marine life, and foster a more eco-conscious manufacturing cycle. Blue beauty brands have overhauled the production, distribution, and disposal process of cosmetic products to support environmental health. This post will teach you everything you need to know about ocean-conscious products.

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What is Blue Beauty?

The Blue Beauty Movement was started in 2018 by the creator of Heroes Beauty Jeannie Jarnot. The movement is a conscious effort to reduce environmental harm caused by the beauty industry and call attention to sustainable practices. The blue movement goes beyond recycling and includes plastic reduction, waste reduction, environmentally friendly packaging, eco-printing, and local education. 

Each time a consumer orders products from Beauty Heroes, a database for blue beauty products with 113 certified brands, the brand removes “one pound of plastic from the environment” with the beauty heroes rePurpose program. This allows the purchase to be “plastic negative.”

Blue beauty is similar to green beauty because it is environmentally-friendly. However, blue beauty brands participate in ocean waste reduction programs, philanthropy, and an ocean-friendly approach differentiates green beauty from blue beauty.

Blue Beauty Product Recycling

Blue beauty brands on Beauty Heroes are required to participate in recycling programs. As a blue beauty consumer, you will not only reduce your use of microplastics in your products, but you can also contribute to environmental health with a built-in beauty recycling program.

Reducing microplastic is one of the most critical aspects of blue beauty including other forms of water that negatively affect marine life. Animals often mistake plastic for food or become trapped by environmental, non-biodegradable plastic. Each blue beauty you purchase on Beauty Heroes results in the brand removing plastic from the ocean as part of its environmentally friendly program.

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The Best Blue Beauty Brands To Try

Below is a list of blue beauty products to try. Learn more about which brands are blue beauty conscious and how the brands are making an effort to influence environmental health in a positive way.

blue beauty products

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Innersense Organic Beauty

Innersense Organic Beauty uses EU certified organic ingredients to create hair products. The hair care brand offers a wide variety of products from wave spray, to dry dry shampoo and deep conditioners.

The brand is known for taking a peaceful and luxurious approach to hair care. On the back of each bottle instructions often include taking a deep breath or centering oneself and taking a moment to enjoy the experience of hair care as a way to take time for oneself.

Innersense is listed on the Beauty Heroes website and in August 2020 the brand launched refillable product pouches for consumers to help them reduct plastic waste. According to Innersense, the pouches use 75% less plastic than bottles.

“While glass has the perception of being more recyclable than plastic, only about 30% of glass in the United States is actually recycled. Additionally, glass packaging has a higher carbon footprint due to the energy-heavy manufacturing process and the heavier weight by volume compared to plastic.”

Innersense Organic Beauty

Blue beauty brands must balance plastic waste with the glass production emissions. In this case, the brand opted to create a reusable product with less glass.

If you are interested in ways to recycle plastic and reduce microplastic, please see the guide to beauty recycling: Beauty Recycling Programs to Love This Season.

RMS Beauty

RMS Beauty was founded by Rose Marie-Swift after she became sick from using several makeup products. When compounds in her daily products showed up in her blood work, Rose Marie took it upon herself to start a line of products that are safe and organic.

“Our living ingredients set RMS apart, bringing the energy of raw, food grade, organic, wildcrafted and natural ingredients to your skin, in as close to their fresh-picked state as possible.”


The natural ingredients are intended to showcase natural beauty and enhance natural features. The line celebrates natural beauty and encourages consumers to be themselves. Although RMS Beauty contains organic ingredients, the product is not certified.

According to the brand, “the USDA seal isn’t applicable for color cosmetics. Color minerals used in color cosmetics can not be certified organic because they are not grown.”

However, the brand does not use GMO products, is dedicated to the blue beauty initiative, and contains both nourishing natural ingredients and organic compounds. This is a fantastic clean beauty brand for everyday use.

RMS Beauty Un-Powder

the best of blue beauty

Olio E Osso

Olio E Osso was started by Paola LaMorticella, a mother and skin care specialist looking for an alternative to over the counter balms for her son’s sensitive skin. LaMorticella’s formula was so nourishing, she was able to create a business.

The products are primarily natural, however they contains a small level of synthetic products. According the the brand, “The base for all of our balms is 100% natural, however our No. 2 balm is made with less than 0.05% of a synthetic colorant.”

Synthetics are used in the products to prevent the brand from having to support companies that cannot verify whether or not they use child labor. This is where natural beauty and clean beauty meet social justice and why navigating clean beauty as a shopper can be difficult due to lack of regulation and terms like “clean” that are not standardized.

“Olio E Osso is working to replace the natural mica in our products with a synthetic version that is synthesized in a lab using potassium as the bonding agent.  This decision was made after our founder/maker, Paola LaMorticella was unable to find a supplier willing to certify that the mica we were receiving was not involved with child labor.  By using a synthetic mica, we are able to have greater control and consistency in our mica supply chain. At this time natural mica can only be found in our No. 6 balm and it will be phased out in the near future.”

Olio E Osso

Natural Lip and Cheek Balm

what is blue beauty?

Athr Beauty

Athr Beauty was founded in 2018 by Tiila Abbitt. After discovering how few chemicals are banned in the United States cosmetics, Abbitt wanted to create a cleaner, vegan alternative. The brand has a list of more than 2700 ingredients that are excluded from the formulas available, including ingredients from animals.

The brand is also featured on Logical Harmony. You can find the complete list of Logical Harmony cruelty free verified brands here. Athr Beauty also has a cruelty-free leaping bunny certification (the leaping bunny certification page for this brand can be found here).

The blue beauty brand offers a recycling program through Pact Collective as well to support environmental helath.

“…when you purchase Āthr Beauty products a portion of sales goes to environmental charities, because giving back and being sustainable is the only way to ensure we leave this planet better than we found it.”

Athr Beauty

Natural Rose Quartz Crystal Gemstone Palette

blue beauty products

Henne Organics

Henne Organics, a high-quality and environmental-friendly beauty line, is committed to “ecoluxury.” The brand is cruelty free certified (Leaping Bunny Certification page). Henne is a USDA Certified brand as well, and you can view the brand’s USDA certification here.

The minimalistic approach to clean beauty was inspired by Laura Xiao’s time traveling abroad. Xiao created a product line that infused luxury into everyday life with simple, health, and organic ingredients.

“Henne, which means ‘her’ in Swedish, is a dedication to the modern woman while also paying homage to the brand’s Swedish roots.”


Lip Tint

henne lip tint

Luxury Lip Cream

Recap: Blue Beauty Products

best blue beauty products

Many brands support the environment with green initiatives or recycling programs. However, blue beauty elevates a brand’s commitment to the environment by focusing on the ocean. If you are still looking for products, please review the Beauty Heroes database for other blue beauty suggestions.

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