How to Use the Greenhouse Method for Curly Hair

Discover the best greenhouse method for curly hair tips for moisturized, smooth curls. This deep conditioning method will help you make the most out of your hair care routine.

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the greenhouse method for curly hair

Greenhouse Method For Curly Hair Routine

The greenhouse method is the technique of applying a hair treatment and wrapping the treated hair for an extended period of time.

The hair is usually covered in a shower cap and the heat from one’s scalp (or from an external source such as a dryer) opens the hair cuticle, allowing the hair to absorb more of the treatment. 

Common hair treatments used in the greenhouse method include oil, protein, and moisture treatments.

Greenhouse Method For Curly Hair Steps

Here are a few simple steps for practicing the greenhouse method for natural hair. After using the method, don’t forget to cleanse your scalp well to prevent product buildup.


First, it’s best to apply water to the hair because this will help the hair cuticle open after you apply your products. After applying water, you can apply the hair treatment. There are some product recommendations below. I like the Flairosol Ultra Fine Continuous Water Mister for applying water to my hair.


Next, you will need to apply your shower cap. If you’re using a single-use shower cap that is not as thick as a reusable cap, you can wrap your hair in a towel or satin cap after you put your shower cap on to prevent the heat from escaping.


Next, you can sit beneath a hair dryer or you can hold a blow dryer on low heat arms length away from your scalp. You could also just let the heat from your scalp build beneath the cap on it’s own if you don’t have a dryer or are practicing a heat-free hair routine.


What Does a Cap Do For Your Hair?

Covering your hair with a cap traps in heat from your scalp or an external source such as a blow dryer.

The heat warms the product in your hair and softens the hair cuticle for effective absorption. If you use a blow dryer, you can hold it above the cap at arm’s length on a low setting to add more heat to your treatment.

Note: If you don’t use a dryer, this method may not be as effective, but you can see how your hair responds. If you have low porosity hair, meaning your hair has a low product absorption rate, then heat will open the hair cuticle and help you hair absorb the products applied.

Different Types of Caps for the Greenhouse Method

For a sustainable option, you can try a reusable shower cap. It’s important to use sturdy supplies when deep conditioning. I use the Kitsch reusable cap with a silicone grip around the edges to help it stay in place. It’s a multi-use cap designed for conditioning treatments, comfort and quick drying.

However, if you buy a multi-use hair cap, it’s best to avoid products that could leave stains inside the cap.

Kitsch Reusable Shower Cap

I’ve had this shower cap for over a year and it’s never torn or stained. I love this because I get the most out of my wash days. I never have to worry about frizz when I shower and don’t feel like washing my hair. Also, it’s much more convenient than wrapping my hair in a bulky towel, which can cause dryness. Some people like to use the steam from the shower to revive their curls, but I prefer not to. (Tip: You can use a blow dryer to apply hot hair to the cap’s exterior.)

The greenhouse method is ideal for low porosity hair types that have difficulty absorbing products. Coiler hair types (such as 4C hair) tend to be drier and will also benefit from this method.

Usually the greenhouse method results in smooth, conditioned curls that are frizz free from the moisture applied. If you follow the curly girl method and need extra moisture, this is the perfect addition to your hair routine. You can do the method in the shower after you apply your conditioner to take advantage of the hot water and steam. 

The effects of the greenhouse method last until the next wash day, but the longevity of your results will likely depend on your hair type. You can use this method as often as you’d like or you can incorporate it into your weekly hair care routine by using a cap any time you normally use a hair mask.

Curly Hair Checklist

You’ve tried a million products and you still can’t get the curl definition you want. This simple checklist will help you build a routine that actually works even if you have no idea where to start.

What is the Bagging Method For Natural Hair?

The bagging method for hair is a variation of the greenhouse method.

Instead of wrapping the entire length of the hair in a cap, only the ends of the hair are wrapped and treated. If you have an oily scalp or don’t want to apply a treatment close to your roots this method is ideal.

The baggy method can be done as needed or on every wash day. This will depend on your hair’s porosity.

Does The Baggy Method Grow Hair?

Although many look to the baggy method and the greenhouse method as a way to grow hair, this method doesn’t guarantee hair growth.

Hair growth is affected by several factors. Although healthy routines can positively impact hair health, personal factors will affect hair growth.

Baggy Method vs Greenhouse Effect

baggy method vs greenhouse effect

Deciding which method to use will depend on your goals and the types of treatment you’re applying. If your ends are the only sections of your hair that need moisture, then it’s best to use a method like the baggy method to target problem areas.

Note: The baggy method focuses on the ends of the hair and is ideal for targeted treatments in the lower section of the hair.

If you intend to treat the length of the hair, including the crown of your hair, then the greenhouse method is best. The crown of the hair can become very dry because it is exposed to environmental elements. Using the greenhouse method will target problem areas near the scalp for moisture across the entirety of your curls.

Hair Growth with the LOC Method

Speaking of locking in moisture, you can follow up the greenhouse technique with a styling method that helps the hair maintain the moisture applied.

Methods like LOC and LCO require laying moisture into the hair strategically and sealing in that moisture with an oil or cream. Just remember to keep an eye on your protein moisture balance to prevent over-conditioning your hair because the LCO and LOC methods involve layering moisturizing products for curl definition.

Greenhouse Method For Curly Hair: Products

You can use any of your favorite deep conditioners or oils for the greenhouse method. Below are a few suggestions.

Flairosol Ultra Fine Continuous Water Mister: A continuous spray bottle really does work. I was skeptical at first because this seemed like a want instead of a need (and it is), but it does cut styling time and makes it much easier to detangle my curls. I highly recommend looking at this either on Amazon or on the Beautify Beauties site.

Greenhouse Method Oil

You can use any oil that you would like for a treatment. I prefer using lighter oils such as olive oil, almond, or argan oil because they are slightly easier for my hair to absorb.

Shea Moisture Oil Line: Although you can use any brand of pure oil, shea moisture has a fantastic line of pure oils for hair and skin. I especially love the castor oil for scalp massages and to apply to my eyebrows. However, if you are looking for a lighter oil for the greenhouse method here is another option as well.

Recap: Greenhouse Method for Natural Hair 

Both the greenhouse method and the baggie effect are ideal methods for opening the hair cuticle and allowing the hair to absorb hair treatments more easily. The baggie method is best for targeted treatments in the lower section of the hair, while the greenhouse method is ideal for applying a treatment to the length of your hair. You’ll need to try out both to see which one works best for you. Save to Pinterest or share for later!

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