The Best Clean Beauty Gift Cards for Your Loved Ones

Clean beauty gift cards are perfect for the holidays, especially when you know someone who is on a skin care journey or interested in changing their products. Below are clean beauty gift cards from my favorite brands.

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clean beauty gift cards

The Best Clean Beauty Gift Cards

Beauty By Earth

Beauty by Earth offers safe skin care formulas designed to nourish the skin. The products are formulated for everyday use and the brand was founded by Prudence Millsap when her son’s health concerns lead her to seek healthier self care products for herself and her family.

My favorite products include the Erase Your Face Makeup Remover and the Coffee Bean Eye Cream.

eGift Card - $10

100% Pure

100% Pure offers plant-based and fruit-pigmented products. The cruelty-free, and often vegan, formulas are perfect for a natural skin care routine. If you know someone who loves mineral makeup and prefers cruelty-free products, this is the perfect gift card to splurge on.

Credo Beauty

Credo beauty is one of the largest clean beauty retailers world-wide, and the ingredient standards prohibits over 2,700 ingredients for consumer safety. The ingredient standards are one of the strictest, and many of the brands disclose the ingredients in their fragrances.

credo beauty gift card


Clean beauty gift cards make the perfect gifts for loved ones interested in the ingredients in their self care products. I personally love the brands mentioned above. Having tried the products, I know these gift cards are worthy of the splurge.

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